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Healthcare and Technology (IOT) Start Ups: An Entrepreneurial Platform UI Start Up.

Orlando Ray Garcia & Associates is a healthcare and technology start-up firm that includes Entrepreneurs who have successfully launched some type of healthcare based business and integrated technology to scale the business or even just operate business more effectively to a multi-million dollar firm over many years. Putting their thoughts and ideas together on any platform has generated this open source discussion of now successful consultants to the table of Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors for the Sole Purpose of improving the lives of people in every facet of life affecting our well being.

In 2016 web applications have dominated our industry markets to deliver services and goods at a level never conceived of by television and other media formats. Our Entrepreneurs are Consultants who have extensive coding and programming skills and have studied or practiced in some form of healthcare delivery model.

The project lists for these Consultants have become limitless and are only deciding which projects are priority to our current healthcare system and moving forward with the idea to its launching with the help of investors and other sources of funding. Priority of project is determined by needs and financial commitments of those involved and are not in any way discounting the importance of other projects.

One example is United States’ huge demand for quality medical providers in the United States. We have many regional areas and disciplines that are scarce in certain qualified health professions. The nursing shortage is one project that I am taking on with a different approach.  I setup a platform for practitioners to take advantage of financial incentives everywhere they go by maximizing the income, autonomy, and quality of life which ultimately leads to long term contract assignments determined by the Provider and Healthcare Care Organization that is mutually beneficial. I am a Pharmacist by education and studied in Medical School for the didactic portion extricating myself from medical school to find new possibilities for me to live a healthier life. Through many ventures and employment experiences including starting my first healthcare venture in 2009 while being a stay at home father I grew a multi-million dollar firm that now employs contractors globally. My experience as an developer is one of website builder on Wix  and even that is limited.  I have developed WP sites and this only came about as necessary and vital component to keep up my business acumen with the digital and technology advances and that is when many ideas began to be jotted down in my notebooks.

OG Ventures LLC and DJC Ventures LLC have spawned with personal, family, and specific demographic implications that only prove to better or improve the life of an individual, group, industry, and most importantly his family. On the horizon we will find more non-profits with specific objectives that are using IoT  and UE to become more of an impact not just on a large scale but a quality and delivery of services evaluation. Although non-profit proceeds will still remain an entity to promote revenue generation in for profit start ups and spawn yet again more non-profits.

These entrepreneurs see life differently and therefore will have products and services that of healthcare and technology at its core but objectives on sometimes opposite ends of the spectrum of healthcare with more of an emphasis on technology and more subtly on healthcare outcomes only to show open source models for other entrepreneurs to join our firm get on with the mission of contributing to the stream of life via technology to better the health of people globally.

Orlando Ray Garcia & Associates was founded in 2016 along with BYOMSA,, to name a few under HealthPro Network but his idea book contains 27 projects ready for me and my mentors or interns to run with. Patented startup launching August 2016.  This is my consulting firm but the software is Dictate Your Rate, AvaMed, and Springtail.