5 Things Your Medical Staffing Agency Isn’t Telling You

Have you ever wondered if there are details your medical staffing agency is holding back from you? Things like: their cut of your earnings, how their system works, or even the complete terms of the position they are trying to fill? Huge details are sometimes being omitted, and medical professionals that are utilizing medical staffing agencies can end up completely unaware of it. These details aren’t only affecting them. It’s affecting patients, the economy, and even insurance rates. Here are five things your medical staffing agency isn’t telling you.

They take a bigger cut than you might realize

Many people know that staffing agencies take a cut from their pay, but what they are unaware of is how much. Medical staffing agencies mark up the hourly pay of temporary employees anywhere from 20% up to 75% and, therefore, collect a steady stream of income from these medical professionals for as long as they work. For example, a hospital might pay a temporary nurse $50 per hour for her services, but, if she goes through a staffing agency, she may keep as little as $29 per hour for herself. They have fulfilled a need, slowly increased their rates, and now their users (healthcare organizations, and medical professionals) can feel as though this is their only option.

They have outdated systems

Medical staffing agencies are still making use of manpower rather than utilizing powerful automated systems created through the internet. They have a huge staff whose tasks include things like credentialing, invoicing, and payments; all tasks that can be automated. By not utilizing automated systems they are making an inefficient service that only hurts its users and their patients.

Their services raise healthcare costs for patients

There’s a massive hiring crisis within the medical industry. After the Affordable Care Act took place, the healthcare industry gained 30 million new patients. Healthcare organizations suddenly had to find time to fit in all their new patients with a staff that was equipped to manage 30 million less patients. This means that healthcare organizations are willing to pay large amounts of money to get the help they need. They are turning to medical staffing agencies who have outdated systems and unnecessarily high overhead which trickles down and ultimately causes bloated prices for patients. According to Investopedia, “Healthcare in the U.S. costs about twice as much as it does in any other developed country.” Medical staffing agencies do not want to admit that they are a key player in this massive problem.

The majority of the time they can’t land you permanent work

A common issue with medical staffing agencies is that they over-promise, and often can’t deliver. Staffing agencies by nature, are utilized by companies looking to temporarily fill a position. That’s why so many people refer to staffing agencies as “temp agencies.” Because the majority of the time, the work they have available, is temporary.

The hardest part about working to fill temporary positions, is pitching it to the right market. Staffing agencies don’t tell potential employees that the job they are offering will more than likely be a temporary position, because they are reaching out to the wrong people. They are reaching out to people who need job security not flexibility.

Here’s a great article by huffington post that goes in depth on the risks of working with a staffing agency: https://goo.gl/PzZpVV  

They undersell your services

Everyone’s defense against this statement is that they can’t undersell your services because they won’t make money if they do. “They have your best interest in mind.” Unfortunately, it’s a two sided coin. They aren’t underselling your services to healthcare organizations; but they are underselling your services to YOU so they can take a bigger cut of your pay.  It might sound dramatic, but the unfortunate reality when working with medical staffing agencies is that they may be taking advantage of your pay.

AvaMed is utilizing the internet to make a difference

AvaMed is a powerful tool that will help medical professionals file as an independent business,  and approach healthcare organizations with confidence. Once a qualified medical professional files as an independent business, they gain access to our network and can apply for open positions. We can even help out with negotiations. After a position is acquired, our automated system does the rest. AvaMed cuts overhead in half, and our ultimate goal is to cut costs within the medical industry.