A Basic History of Staffing

The history of humans is incredible. Innovations are sprinkled throughout every century of our existence. Throughout history unemployment has been a major issue. How did they fight against poverty, and unemployment? How do all of the members of society contribute? The history of public employment begins in 1650 with a guy named Henry Robinson who opened a staffing business that was short lived, but the beginning of an idea that has changed the lives of thousands of people.


“The first private employment agency in the United States was opened by Fred Winslow who opened an engineering agency in 1893. It later became part of General Employment Enterprises who also owned Businessmen’s Clearing House (est. 1902.)” Since the 20th century, every developed country in the world has created a public employment center to help fight against unemployment, and help it’s citizens make a higher contribution within society.


Source: https://goo.gl/jC9Kpp


In the United States a federal program of employment services was rolled out under the “New Deal” which was a series of programs that included Social Security, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC,) Federal Housing Administration (FHA,) Employment Services, and more. The “New deal” created space for new staffing developments, and as of the 21st century, people find jobs through one stop workforce offices called staffing agencies. There are a lot of different types of staffing agencies: accounting, medical, secretarial, and technical.


Source: https://goo.gl/F2g8nL


What does a medical staffing agency do?

A medical staffing agency is hired by a healthcare organization to bring in a contracted medical professional. This can be under a local crisis where more help is needed, during flu season, when a healthcare organization is looking for a specific specialist, or if there is a high demand for a certain type of medical professional.


History of Medical Staffing Agencies


According to Better Team, “Interim Healthcare is the oldest medical staffing agency in the United States, founded in 1966. They provide nursing, therapy and non-medical home care, hospice and medical staffing services. They employ over 50,000 people nationwide.”


Medical staffing has a pretty short history, and not much has changed since its inception. Because it’s an industry birthed out of changes that needed to be made within the workforce, it’s surprising to find that not many innovations have been made. With the Affordable Care Act in place you’d think that there would have been many improvements made, but that’s not the case. The healthcare industry gained 30 million new patients after the ACA passed which meant that healthcare organizations were suddenly understaffed, and overbooked. This lead to health care organizations putting massive chunks of money to get the help that, frankly put, isn’t being provided.
It sounds grim, but it isn’t. This means that there is room for companies like AvaMed, and HealthPro network to come in and make the changes needed to improve the healthcare  industry. They are working hard to make a difference in an industry that affects the lives of not just its workers, but the entire nation. This includes things like: lowering healthcare costs, bringing in quality healthcare professionals, ensuring good care for patients, and more.