Do staffing issues affect patient care?

In the last few years you may have noticed the quality of your healthcare degrading. You may be questioning why you pay so much money for health insurance when your healthcare experience can be underwhelming. Or, you may have been one of the unlucky patients who ended up in a mismanaged situation that actually made your symptoms worse. The problem that you must realize as a patient is that majority of the time it’s not the fault of your care taker (ie: nurse, or doctor) but it’s actually a management issue stemming from our government.

The ACA, & Why it Matters


If you’re like many people in America, you may not be entirely aware of what the ACA is, or why it’s so important. So, what is the ACA? ACA stands for Affordable Care Act, and is often called by its nickname: Obamacare. It is an act that passed during Barack Obama’s administration and reformed both the healthcare and health insurance industries in America.


Key Features of the ACA:

  • Benefits for women: providing insurance options, covering preventative services, and lowering costs.
  • Young adult coverage: children can stay on their parents insurance plan until age 26.
  • Strengthening medicare: Yearly wellness visit, and many free preventative services for some seniors with medicare.
  • Holding insurance companies accountable: Insurance companies must justify any premium increase of 10% or more before the rate takes effect.




That’s straight off the “Health & Human Services” website. That’s their description of the highlights of Obamacare, but what’s yours? Could it look something like this:


  • Higher insurance rates
  • Lowered quality of care
  • Unclear service rates


The Number One Question: Has the ACA Affected the Quality of Patient Care?

Unless you’re apart of the lower income class in America the ACA took a big hit on your finances, and you may be wondering is this worth it? Is the ACA even changing anything for the good? Here’s what we know: The ACA made it possible for millions of Americans to purchase health insurance who were previously unable to do so. That’s awesome. It’s also a double edged sword. Consequently this meant that hospitals abruptly gained millions of new patients. This is a problem because getting new hires in the healthcare industry is a slow process due to all the required qualifications. What that means is that hospitals became understaffed after the ACA passed. Nurses, and doctors are routinely overwhelmed and in a rush to meet the high demands of their new job requirements. This leaves your healthcare providers feeling overworked and underpaid. This leaves the patient feeling like they are overpaying, and getting low-quality healthcare.



With Donald Trump coming into office it seems understandable that so many people are so upset with the ACA and what it has done to our nation. Everybody wants a change. But what kinds of changes can we make?


AvaMed, Who We Are, What We Do

AvaMed is an online tool used by medical professionals so they can file as an independent business. This helps them cut out the “middle man” (medical staffing agencies,) and have the opportunity to get hired directly by healthcare organizations. The idea is that this tool will lower costs within the healthcare industry by cutting out the 11.1 Billion dollar medical staffing industry, and speed up the hiring process. That means more qualified medical professionals hired, and relieving some of the pressure at lower costs. At AvaMed we are working hard to get health care organizations equipped with the qualified medical professionals they need.