Technology And Medical Staffing – The Good And The Bad

Overall, technology has been one of the best tools humans have ever created. It has pushed us further than any other tool before it. Specifically the medical industry has had incredible innovations since the dawn of the internet. Medical professionals have been able to educate themselves in ways that wouldn’t have been possible without the internet. That being said, the internet is a two edged sword. No matter how much we try to deny it, there is good, and there is bad.


The Good:

  • Streamlined Communication & Recruiting

There are many tools available online that help businesses like medical staffing agencies communicate with their teams efficiently. These tools would include businesses like: Asana, Google, Wunderlist, etc. Businesses like these have made it possible for medical staffing agencies to make quick decisions, communicate clearly, set tasks, and more.


Recruiting has also changed immensely since the dawn of the internet. There are hundreds of awesome online job boards, and even specific sites designed to find qualified medical professionals. Companies like Ziprecruiter are changing the way companies hire on new employees, and are working hard to streamline the hiring process.


  • Fresh Ideas

The internet has made it possible for new businesses and new ideas to take place. Companies like AvaMed are working hard to change the way hospitals and other medical organizations make new hires by cutting out the “middle man” (medical staffing agencies.) They are working to do this by implementing “Independent Provider Agencies.” This pretty much means that they are taking qualified medical professionals and filing them as an independent business so that they can approach hospitals and other medical organizations without having to go through a medical staffing agency to get hired.


Other companies utilizing the internet to make positive changes are:

Zip Recruiter-




The Bad:

  • Competitive Job Market

Because the internet is so efficient it makes it an extremely competitive job market for medical professionals. Because there is such a large pool of candidates on the internet, medical professionals are having to fight harder for positions that used to be pretty accessible. Filtering through potential candidates has come down to numbers and statistics making it very hard for certain medical professionals to get noticed during the hiring process.


  • Less Personality

Speaking of statistics, since the internet is designed to be so efficient there can often be times when personality is lost. Medical professionals applying through a highly automated medical staffing agency have found that it can be easy to be lost in the shuffle of numbers and statistics.
The internet has done so many beautiful and ugly things. It has opened a massive world of knowledge, and automation. The internet has changed the medical industry forever. What’s your opinion? Has it been changed forever in a good way or a bad way? Only time will tell.