Tips For Working As A Single Dad

Working as a single dad can be challenging. You have to manage your kids, the home, and work. It’s a lot to keep in order. So how do you fill in for all these roles? How do you get the job done?

  1. Enjoy your time: Your kids won’t always be babies. There’s always time to work, but your kids will grow up and move out. Enjoy the time while you have it. Work enough to pay your bills, and then spend as much of your precious time as you can with your kids. They will be forever grateful for a dad that was around growing up.
  2. Be engaging: It can be difficult trying to run a household and working a full time job. You’ll want to do your best to be engaging, and fair. Help your kids work out issues. Hangout with your kids. Again, they will be forever grateful for a dad that was around growing up.
  3. Keep a Schedule: This one is a practical tip. It’s important to keep a schedule to track when the kids are at school, when they are at extracurricular activities, and when there is time for playing with them. It’s important to have a clear view of your week and theirs.
  4. Take charge: Since you are working on filling in two roles, you’ll have to be nurturing and disciplinary. Giving your kids love and guidance is an important piece in being a single dad.
  5. Take care of yourself: You have a lot of things to take care of, and it’s important to make sure that self-care doesn’t get buried under a massive to do list. Go to the gym, take a shower, read some books, unwind a little. When your batteries are re-charged you’ll be that much more of a better dad.
  6. Set-up a support system: Every single parent needs a handful of trustworthy people they can turn to when they need help. It’s ok to ask for help, just make sure the people you are asking for help from are safe trustworthy people.
  7. Be honest: Difficult questions will pop up. It’s important to answer these questions in an honest and age-appropriate way. Your kids are dealing with a lot of difficult emotions, and this is your chance to grow closer to them. Build a bond with them through honesty and openness.
  8. Become a finances master: Taking care of a family on one income, or relying on your ex-spouse to pay child support can be a difficult approach. A part of embracing being a single dad is maintaining an excellent budget. You’ll want to think about long term investments, saving for your children’s college education, or even going back to college yourself to make an advancement in your career.
  9. Be yourself: Your kids need their dad. Not someone else’s. You know what’s best for your babies. Always remember that, and work hard to follow your intuition. They are counting on you.
  10. Stay positive: These are your babies. You fought for custody, and you’ve got them. That’s enough reason to remain positive through the hard days.


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