Top Medical Jobs By City

Living in the United States is expensive. With taxes, insurance, family and more, it’s hard to see a clear line on where the best opportunities are. We put together a list of the top medical jobs  by city. We’ll go over pay, unemployment rate, and even cost of living. Let’s see where you find the […]

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Medical Staffing Basics

What is a Medical Staffing Agency? A medical staffing agency is the middle man between a healthcare organization and a potential medical professional. Healthcare organizations in need of medical professionals contact a medical staffing agency in order to find medical professionals who are in high demand. This can be for short-term contracts or long-term contracts. […]

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Executive Functions are Key to Focusing on the Task at Hand

Adult ADD has been one of the biggest crosses I’ve had to carry especially when untreated.  “Executive Functions” the ability to carry out and complete tasks in an organized fashion on time is like trying to build a house with every resource including materials, laborers, and even finances without any blueprint.  I lack the blueprint right now and just realized that I outsource my needs for blueprints because I just don’t have them or know how to create them.

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