Let’s build the future together

The healthcare industry is incredible. Healthcare professionals are working hard to ensure better health for everyone in the future. There are so many amazing innovations, and terrible inefficiencies that are taking place today. What’s going on in the United State’s healthcare system? Why are health insurance costs higher than ever? Where is there room for […]

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A Basic History of Staffing

The history of humans is incredible. Innovations are sprinkled throughout every century of our existence. Throughout history unemployment has been a major issue. How did they fight against poverty, and unemployment? How do all of the members of society contribute? The history of public employment begins in 1650 with a guy named Henry Robinson who […]

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Top Medical Jobs By City

Living in the United States is expensive. With taxes, insurance, family and more, it’s hard to see a clear line on where the best opportunities are. We put together a list of the top medical jobs  by city. We’ll go over pay, unemployment rate, and even cost of living. Let’s see where you find the […]

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